CTBC Bank’s Linda Maldonado – Service Is In Her Heart & Soul

By January 18, 2024 No Comments

Linda Maldonado (pictured second from left) came from humble beginnings, living in a walk-up apartment in Brooklyn, New York and struggling as a child in an environment rife with crime and food insecurity. Challenging herself to aspire and achieve more, she secured financial aid, successfully completed college and moved to Los Angeles, landing a high-paying, impressive corporate position at a major studio.

But even with original dreams seemingly fulfilled, Linda felt an emptiness. She felt a higher power calling her to do more and reach other people that struggled just like her. That led Linda down a path of service. “One Sunday, I attended church and heard that they were looking to hire an administrator. I felt like G-d was telling me that I should take the position, even with a significant pay cut. It was ultimately the best decision, as I felt I made huge community contributions throughout my 17 year tenure.”

Linda’s service career has culminated into her current position as a CRA Community Outreach Officer at CTBC Bank. She has a special fondness for her work with Youth Business Alliance, as CTBC Bank has a long history of working with YBA, providing financial literacy workshops and field trips to bank branches and providing students with insights in bank operations and other bank-related career choices. Linda specifically has enjoyed doing these programs with multiple YBA high school partners, including Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School, Manual Arts High School, and John F. Kennedy High School.

One particular ‘lightbulb’ moment really stands out to Linda. “I was invited to do a three-part financial literacy workshop for one of YBA’s partner high schools. In session one, I shared FDIC information to explain how to develop a spending plan. Students were completely unresponsive and many were taking naps.”

Linda quickly realized that the way to reach high school students is through simple authenticity. “Credit cards was the topic of the second session. The first thing I did was show my actual credit card statement – with my personal information blacked out of course! – so students could see how your credit card statement is actually a reflection of you and your personal priorities. This also gave me a springboard to explain necessities vs. luxuries. This was the kind of real talk that students perked up for and really wanted to hear.”

Linda shared that by the third session, her Brooklyn accent was out, her speaking and clothing style was much more relaxed, and she became much more relatable to the students. “When I started talking about college and cars with this approach, it just worked. Students respond to genuineness and truthfulness.”

Looking ahead to 2024, a handful of students are coming to CTBC Bank’s corporate office for a work-based program – an opportunity for high school seniors to learn soft skills by shadowing staff in different bank departments. Linda sees every new program as another service opportunity. “Having a life focused on service and community is hard-wired in me. CTBC Bank’s partnership with YBA gives me plenty of opportunities to be of service and make my heart sing.”