I am interested in supporting the YBA. What are the first steps?

The most common first step is to apply to be a guest speaker. It will give you the opportunity to see our program in action. Go to www.youthbizalliance.org/speakers to apply and gain access to our speaking calendar. The speaking slots are usually on weekdays after school. Choose a date(s) and upload your presentation.

What is my commitment as a YBA Guest Speaker?

Since opportunities for students to meet guest speakers is limited, the biggest commitment is to make sure you come through for them. If for any reason you can’t make it we expect you to have a replacement, as the last thing we want to do is let our students down. Some of our guest speakers speak once a year while others speak at all 14 of our locations, so frequency will depend on you.

Do I have to use a Powerpoint presentation?

We encourage you to have a Powerpoint to give your presentation structure and visuals. There are sample presentations on the website. Some of our more experienced speakers elect not to use a presentation, so ultimately it’s your call.

What is the time frame and structure of the presentation?

The time frame is 1 hour and the breakdown is typically 20 minutes life journey/story, 20 minutes career/business, and 20 minutes Q&A.

How do I get the YBA teacher a copy of my presentation?

Once you upload your presentation on the website the teacher should have access. As a backup you can email yourself the presentation or store it in a Dropbox folder.

Do I need to bring my own equipment? (Laptop, projector, etc…)

No, the school will already have a laptop and projector set up. If you would like audio, please ask the YBA teacher if that can be arranged. Once you sign up to speak you should get a confirmation email with the teacher’s contact info.

Do I have to be filmed and be part of the group picture?

No, the filming and picture are optional. The video is solely for your own use as many of our speakers have asked for it. We do post the picture on our Facebook page and send you a copy. If you would like to opt out of the picture, video, or both, just let the teacher know.

Where are your schools?

We are currently in 14 schools in Los Angeles. You can see the locations on the map in your speaking calendar.

How big are the classes?

The classes can vary in size but typically range between 20 – 25 students.

How are the students’ behavior?

Our students are 16 – 17 year old high school juniors who are typically the high performers in their class. They volunteer to be a part of the YBA, so they are usually quite respectful. The teacher will also be in the room during your presentation.

How else can I support the YBA?

  1. Refer Guest Speakers
  2. Host a YBA Field Trip – If you know of any other companies that may want to host a field trip please let us know.
  3. Donate Services – If you believe you have any services that would be useful for the YBA, we would be all ears.
  4. Hire Interns – If you would like to hire an intern or know of any companies looking, we would love to connect.
  5. Donate or help us fundraise – It costs us approximately $12,000 to operate YBA at each school. There are about 35 schools on our waiting list who would love to have YBA, but we are not able to support them just yet. Help us grow the program to serve more students!

What if I don’t have an activity to facilitate?

Reach out to us at info@youthbizalliance.org and a staff member will contact you and share a list of activities from our list you can use!

Still have questions?

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