YBA guest speakers make a tremendous impact! They share their career journey story with our students, providing insight into how they chose their career and industry. Our students gain inspiration from speakers’ education and career milestones, challenges overcome, lessons learned and tips for success.

Share Your Career Journey & Inspire Students by Speaking With a YBA Class


The Youth Business Alliance connects guest speakers to our classrooms every week!  Students are interested in learning about the range of career options and how to enter different fields. Some key areas our speakers highlight are:

  • Background & upbringing
  • Educational history (high school, college, specialized training)
  • Experiences that shaped you today
  • Career path & best practices for success
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Core Features: 3 Reasons to Speak

Be a resource to connect and engage with youth

Offer a different perspective

Share your best advice!

Hear From Some of Our Speakers

Lyric Everly

CEO - Thriver Creative, YBA Guest Speaker and Community Board

Youth Business Alliance has been one of the most positive, uplifting organizations I’ve ever volunteered for. Over the last three years, I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a Guest Speaker and a member of the community Board of Directors, where I’ve found YBA’s impact to go far beyond business. Through their people, they create community, connection, and growth opportunities for everyone involved. Every student, every teacher, every person connected to this phenomenal organization has been outstanding and YBA’s mission to prepare youth for their bright futures, shines through in everything they do. I hope to serve the youth of Los Angeles through YBA for many years to come!

Phillis Williams- Strawder

Business Advisor at CKO Creator

Not long ago, I was going through some old emails I received from students of the YBA program. These emails moved me so and I know, if not for those kids my life would not have changed so drastically.

Being a speaker of the YBA program transformed me in ways I could not imagine. The more I spoke to the kids, the more I heard myself and wanted to make sure I was walking the talk. I left the business I started with my husband and became a business coach for kids and a published author. Moving to Oregon in August of 2018 did not deter me from the YBA program. I drove down at least once a month to speak at one or two schools per visit. I managed to make it to six schools and was invited to a YBA Awards ceremony for one of the schools. My four-year journey with YBA has been amazing and I plan to continue as long as I am able.

Ted Hyman

Partner at ZGF Architects

I am involved with YBA because it aligns with ZGF’s core values of making a difference in the lives of others. I chose to be a guest speaker because not only is it fun to hang out with the students, but also because ZGF is committed to providing underrepresented populations with opportunities in architecture and knowledge of the profession.

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