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YBA partners with Title I high schools and youth programs in underserved communities to provide students with career knowledge and opportunities for hands-on development of the tools and skills needed to succeed.

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6 Reasons to Become a YBA School!

Workforce Ready

Develop the necessary interpersonal skills for the workforce

Gain Valuable Career Skills

Learn essential career preparation strategies and identify key leadership competencies

Goal Setting

Set effective goals for job applications, resumes, and interviews

Strategic Thinking

Create financial and business plans based on their chosen pathways

Networking with Professionals

Make clear connections between classroom and their occupational interests by networking with 20+ industry professionals

Money Smart

Comprehend financial terms and basic money management skills

Each YBA Student Will Receive the Following:


Content: Students will participate in YBA’s comprehensive curriculum addressing the following 4 modules:

Soft Skills: 
Professional Etiquette, Networking, Public Speaking, Professionalism, Time Management

Career Readiness:
Cover Letter, Resume writing, Mock Interviews, Internship/Job Search

Financial Literacy:
Budgeting, Saving, Investing, Interest Rates & Loans

Business 101:
Business Problem Solving / Consulting; Shark Tank-like Business Pitch Activity 


Each classroom hears from an industry specific guest speaker. We are always looking for individuals in the community looking to speak! The benefits of the program to our students are:

  • Networking and connecting to professionals they otherwise would not receive in the classroom
  • Exposure to diverse number of career choices and options
  • Tips & Tricks to help them prepare for their future

YBA exposes students to a variety of careers and professionals! My students are given the opportunity to interact on a personal level with entrepreneurs to explore and find their own passions

Valerie Felix, YBA Teacher

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Field Trips

Companies and small businesses can host a field trip for our students! Field trips are 3 hours long, include an office/business tour, a facilitated activity specific to your industry, and a Q&A. This is an opportunity for students to go off site to see where the real magic happens, meet your staff and leadership teams and imagine themselves in your shoes.


“The field trips that are part of the program bring to life the mission of YBA in educating students about various industries. It is a fantastic way for local businesses to positively impact our communities and our more importantly, our youth.

Being able to offer field trips to our local schools has been such an amazing experience for my bank. Everyone participates….it brings all of our departments together…all levels of management up to our executive team play a part. It is something my bank looks forward to, and we look forward to many, many more field trips!”

– Mona Fontela, Royal Business Bank

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