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2021 Summer Camp!

By August 16, 2021 29 Comments

For the second summer, YBA offered a 3-week Virtual Summer Camp, taught by veteran YBA teachers Kristian Markus and Getsemani Marquez. The camp received generous support from Comerica Bank. 14 students were presented with a case from members of the Uber finance team – how to solve their shortage of drivers ages 18 -25!

Students did research, completed a SWOT analysis, and designed their recommendations. Their solutions included starting a Driving School for young adults, more direct advertising for drivers, supporting their younger drivers with college scholarships and creating rewards and incentives like stock in the company and higher percentages of the passenger fees.

Students received a combined total of $5,200 in prizes and participation awards!

We’re so proud of the students who participated:

Gary, Angela, Allyson, Hyung, Stella, Edwin, Jacqueline, Amy, Joori, Mildreth, Frankie, Angelica, Ashley and Esteban!

And we want to thank their mentors who coached the teams:

Jasmine Hill, UCLA

Anna Khrimyan, Banc of California

Sasha Li, Comerica Bank

Sokun Sine, Comerica Bank

Tony Tran, Comerica Bank

Shannon Vesely,  Banc of California

Zach Woolridge, Banc of California

Alex Young, Comerica Bank

And the judges who scored the presentations:

David Betancourt, Comerica Bank

Jack Friedman, Study Smart Tutors

Bryan Nagy, Uber

Andrew Pevsner, Uber

Kyle Van Dieren, Uber

Special thanks to Gary Hao from Uber for working with the students to introduce the challenge! 

And thanks to our Program Director Nadia Sandoval who did an excellent job keeping everything organized and on track!


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